About Me

 Dawn Smith discovered her love for the printed word the moment she smelled the old frail pages of that first print book, given to her by her a mother as a young child. She has been writing privately for close to twenty years, enthusiastically giving short stories and poems to anyone and everyone. Mrs. Smith’s desire now is to share her passion for reading and writing with the eBook Revolution and community, turning a hobby into a personally rewarding career. She resides among the shifting sands and scorpions of Phoenix, Arizona, with her loving husband, three wonderful daughters, and two quirky Jack Russell terriers Bella and Toby.

This author bio was written by an author friend of mine. Check out his blog and his hire me page.

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Anonymous said...

Blog looks fab, all the great work you're doing for people is amazing, and I know that the depthless pool of awesomeness within you has only just been released, like a ravenous hunger to thrive, upon the digital realm.