Friday, January 6, 2012

A little rant.

Okay so I just needed to let this out. I don't understand why smashwords and other publishing sites are so angry about Amazon's KDP select program. Just as an author that has a book published on both Amazon and other major retailers vie smash words, smashwords and affiliates you suck. You make it almost impossible for an Indie author to be seen on your sites. If no one buys the book you are stuck on page one million, where no one can see and buy your book. HUH? It seems to me if you are supposed to be so pro Indie you should help the little guys along a little bit don't you? Not all of us have the money to buy our own book fifty times just so some one else can buy it once.Since uploading my book directly to Amazon, (which B&N makes that so complicated it's retarded,) I have sold over a thousand copies. I uploaded to smashwords at the same time. Waited three weeks to get into their premium catalog,( By that time I had already reached 800 sold on amazon), then waited another two weeks for it to appear on major retailers sites. Now a month after my book was put up on smash words I have had a total of two sales. I'm sorry, I think I will stick with amazon.

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