Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Amazon; The Self Publishers Play Ground has become a virtual play ground for the plethora of Indie authors trying to make a name for themselves. In 2011 there was a boom of self published books that hit Amazon's virtual book shelves. With the introduction of their KDP Select program in 2012 they aim to draw even more Indie authors into their fold.
   But what does this really mean for the self published author? As an Amazon Indie myself I saw just a smidgen of the sales from 2011. And man were they good. But this year, even though we are only three months in, has left something to be desired. I believe that it is due to the fact that Amazon has been over run with Indie's. I'm not suggesting that it is a bad thing, only that it might not be as good as we all think.
   As an avid reader I was as skeptical as the next reader to purchase an Indie book on purpose. Some times I would unknowingly and find out later it was Indie, and be pleasantly surprised. The likes of Penelope Fletcher, KR Smith and Heather Killough- Walden, blew me away when I found out they were in fact, self published. Unfortunately not every self published book has been that way. Most were lacking in story line, unedited, and down right the epitome of the reason why readers don't buy indie.
   I could get on Amazon and spend less than a minute and point out at least ten different indie books. I'm sure the average reader has gotten smart as well to some of the tell tale signs of an Indie. First, price. While 2.99 or below is a steal, we all know they are self published authors. Second, cover size, width, height and art. While now I will gladly pick up an Indie book and give a new author a chance, I'm not so sure the general public is. Not any more.
   This morning I read on a friend's blog that mid list publishing houses are picking up their toys from the sand box and going home. If that's true,how many others are soon to follow? Are the likes of St.Martins press and Penguin soon to follow? If they do, does that leave only the self published author to occupy Amazon's digital shelves? If so how long will it be before Amazon starts cracking down on self published books essentially turning in to a digital publishing house?

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