Thursday, February 23, 2012

Writing For The Writer

  Since changing up my format I have mainly discussed publishing do's and don'ts. Today I am going to talk about the writing aspect of being an Independent author. Most of us just starting out could use a few pointers in how to improve our writing skills.Writing is a skill that is learned. Although we have stories inside our head dying to get out, it's the way we present those stories that makes a good book.
   The single most important thing I have learned is what editors like to say "show don't tell." If you just tell some one your story it sounds more like a never ending diatribe. No emotion, and no action. You have to engage your reader, make them feel as if they were there in the room. Instead of, It was cold outside. Say: The bitter chill in the air froze her to the bone. OR Her breath puffed out in clouds of white into the December air. Both show your reader that it is very cold, notice though I never came right out and said it.
   While my on the fly descriptions may not be to your tastes you get a general idea of what I'm talking about. It's easy to just say what you mean, it also make for a very boring read. Another thing that even now I have trouble with at times is dialogue. It's hard to make your character sound believable if your dialogue is lacking.
   The only way I have found to create that believability is to "Become" my character. Slip inside their skin so to speak. You have to know who your charterer is, what they would do in any given situation. If faced with a mugger would your character cower or be brave. Would they fight or run away? If they fight would they win? Not because you wanted them to but because that's who they are. Even though they are fictional, they have to be real to you.
   I will be adding a few more links in my helpers corner. A few sites that I have found invaluable advice and free workshops that I devoured. Until next time friends,
  Much Love,

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