Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In the World Of eBooks and Self Publishing

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  Marketing is something most self published authors find the most difficult. I for one, am one of them.I just can't seem to figure out what it takes to make a successful marketing strategy. The pro's say use Facebook and twitter. Get reviews from book review sites so they will put your book up on their site.Spend the money to have your book featured on the radio and do blog tours.
   Here is where I address the fatal flaw to some of these solutions. One if most of you are like me, Facebook is used for family and friends. They already know your an author.They've already bought your books. Unless you were voted most popular and have thousands of REAL friends, we are talking ten book sales at the most.
   Twitter I absolutely detest. Never had a twitter account. Don't want one. I find it hard enough to update my blog, write my next underselling master piece and live the rest of my life. How am I going to find time to create a twitter following?
   Money, Money, Money, can't get none to spend some. The self published author generally starts out with little to no funds. I had absolutely nothing to invest. My first book was put up unedited with a Photoshopped cover I created from a free photo stock site. It was only from the sales of that book that I was able to send my next one in for editing and cover art. No way are most of the self published authors going to have enough money to pay for promotional ads. If we had that kind of money we would be giving our work away for free. We wouldn't need more.
   So where does all this leave the self published author? Book review sites like good reads, Shelfari, and other popular sites.Most of your sales will come from places like this. It's free, (if it's not don't even bother with the site,) and a lot of your audience will be there. Shelfari even has a unique feature that allows you to add character bio's and other teasers straight to your Amazon page.
   It may not seem like much, just sending your book in to be reviewed, but it will help build a following and (cross your fingers) lead to sales. Until the day when we as self published authors can afford the fancy promo ads and blog tours, this is the best way to go. Until next time, well writing wishes and prayers that your muse is your constant companion.

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