Saturday, March 3, 2012

PayPal Censorship

For those of you who have followed my blog since the beginning, you all know how much I hate censorship of any kind when it comes to our creative rights. This blog participated in the internet black out for SOPA with pride. Now we have some one else trying to censor us, PayPal.
   While most of us self published and Independent authors have probably heard the news, here is a breakdown. PayPal is refusing to process transactions from eBooks sold that contain bestiality, incest, pseudo-incest, and rape. It has also threatened online retailers with pulling PayPal from their sites if the content is not removed.
   I have read some heated debates in both the forums and online about this issue. Yes those things are wrong, is it illegal to read? No. Is it geared toward indie erotica authors? Yes. Will it only affect them? No. I don't write true erotica, but I have to say my novel does imply rape of a character. It is part of a past traumatizing event that shapes the person she becomes. Will my novel also be censored? Paranormal romance authors have to worry too. Will your Were shifting during sex be taken as bestiality?
   I do not condone any one, government, or public business, to feel that they can censor our lives. Censorship belongs to the individual, if it's not illegal, there shouldn't be a problem. We as Independent authors already get the short end of the stick. We can not allow some one else to dictate to us what we can and can not write. As readers we can not allow some one else to tell us what we can and can not read.
   Please join smash words in their fight to keep our books on the shelves. Let PayPal know that we will not stand for this type of Censorship.
 [ Below are links to the companies waiting to hear from you. Click the link and
you'll find their phone numbers, executive names and postal mailing addresses.
Be polite, respectful and professional, and encourage your friends and followers
to do the same.  Let them know you want them out of the business of censoring
legal fiction.]

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