Monday, September 17, 2012

Copyright Protected Images and The Blogger

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It has been a while since I've found the time, and the inspiration, to write an article for Dawn Smith Books. Dark Dawn Creations has consumed about every waking hour of my time for the last several months. Still, while I work to create cover art for my wonderful Indie authors, I'm always watching everything that goes on.

I've been compelled to sack an hour of work time to talk to my readers about copyright. We all love to blog. It can be an outlet, a source of information, a way to connect with our readers, and a marketing tool. It can also cause a barrel full of grief for those that are not prudent about the images they display on their blog.

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I read an article recently by another blogger Roni Loren, who was sued for posting Google images on her blog. A few weeks later a friend of mine was contacted through facebook by a Deviant (Deviant Art Member) who saw their art on his blog and asked him to take it down claiming copyright.

I can not stress enough that you must not post images found on the internet ANYWHERE, unless you have purchased them or sought out the permission to use them. None of the images on this blog have ever been posted with out purchase or permission, (note the accreditation under some of the  pics in early posts). The later images were purchased by me for use on this blog so no credit was needed.

dreamstime free
Please think twice about posting what ever image shows up in your Google image search. It isn't worth the headache and money you'll lose if someone claims copyright and sues. Luckily, you are reading this on my blog, that means I have super helpful links and places for you! I would never just say don't do it, and not give you places you could go for super cheap or even free images!

Dreamstime has a free image bucket. You sometimes have to wade through a sludge pile to find a good one, because you can't use the search feature in the free section.

Pixmac free image has a good supply of images suitable for blogs that can be used with accreditation to the copyright holder. also has a free image bucket that's a bit more user friendly than dreamstime, you can use search on theirs.

 If you want better quality images and a whole lot more selection I have the cheapest paid way for you to go. has small 72 dpi images for as little as 50 cents a download. The draw back is you have to purchase twenty dollars worth of credits. (It used to be ten but they recently changed it). Still at 50 cents an image, for the average blogger twenty dollars will go a long way.

 Last  but not least, take your own photos! There is no better way to make sure your not stepping on anyone elses copyright because you own them! 

Just like an authors words, photographs and art are the spirit and heart of the people behind them. Just like an author, a photographer or artist feels stolen from and jilted when their work is used with out permission. Even at over thirty, the golden rule I was taught as a child still rings true for me: Do unto others as you would have done unto you. Purchase or ask permission to use images! Just like you would want some one to purchase your books to read them!

Until next time, may your muse be at your side,
and your writing the light that guides you,

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