Friday, January 20, 2012

The book stuff as promised

  Well my lovely blogspot friends I have made good progress into chapter two of what I call Succubus. Probably going to change the name but it works for now. Getting a little deeper into how and why she works the way she does. Not sure how extensive to make it though because I plan on this one being just shy of full novel length. But that may change as I write, it may end up being ten times longer than I planned, the characters really speak to me. Hailey's is closing in on number one in fantasy future and ghost #27, and Crimson sales are starting to pick up a bit. I hope every one enjoys their weekend.
Much love,


Anonymous said...

this is about your book, Crimson Fury. I found the book packed with action, however, the background on the main character ws sketchy. Most of the characters were shallo without true definition. The transitions from place and time to place and time were harsh, with out any warning. Some phrases were over used, "the bitch goddess" being the one that comes to mind.

I commend the effort. Keep working on it.


Dawn Smith said...

Thanks for the input Angellover!I really do love to get comments and reviews, even critical ones. They help me learn what I'm doing wrong and what I'm doing right.Hopefully with continued input from my fans I can become the kind of author you can't wait until the next book comes out and can't put it down once you've started. Working on transitions with the next one and my character background and depth.