Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's middle of the book Hell!!!!

I've found my new hell. The middle of a book. In an effort to become a better writer I am employing outlining techniques. Which seem to be a much more streamlined way of writing, except for the middle. Wherein previous books it was fly by the seat of my pants let my characters do what they will, this technique has me at a stand still. For what seems like days I've been staring at my outline writing rewriting and rewriting the middle points again and again. While the rest flows well the middle just sucks. Maybe I'll let it gel for a while and come back. Or knowing me I'll be obsessive about it and be right there again tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

hang in there it is writers block. it will come to you

Dawn Smith said...

Thanks! I've started just writing the beginning hoping the rest will come along the way. My Characters always have a way of running away with themselves so I'm sure Adira will do something interesting!