Monday, March 26, 2012

Google eBooks?

photo courtesy of Stuart Miles

  Self Publishing On Google, Can It be   True?   

    Okay I admit, I have been a little self absorbed lately. I just learned that Google has an eBook store. As I checked my email this morning I noticed a new button at the top of my page. Google Play. Interesting, so I click it. I find out that Google has an eBook store. You can not imagine the hyperventilating that went on. When did this happen? How did I miss it? Of course my first thought was, can I self publish on it?

     So I did a little research. The answer; yes you can. It is still a little under developed as self publishing markets go. They accept PDF format only or you can send them a hard copy and they can enter it manually. While the later is probably not a good idea if you want to get you book up there fast, the former sounds like it might work.

   Now my research into this new avenue has not gone very far, ( A fifteen minute scour of the internet at best.) I will be looking into this more as the weeks come. Crimson Fury will be due to come off of Select on the second of next month and I plan on opening up new self publishing channels for that book. You can bet your bottom dollar that Google will be one of the first I try out. I will keep every one updated on the process of uploading to Google books, and how well it works. 

   As always I wish all of you the best. May your muse be at your side and your writing the candle that lights the way. Until next time,

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