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Great eBooks, Fabulous Indie Authors


    A self published author needs to explore every avenue possible when marketing their books. My blogger followers that have been with me from the beginning have seen me feature self published books before on this blog. Now every one will be in for a special treat. I'm sure most of you have noticed the new tab at the top of the page. This will be where you can find these great authors and their books. ( This blog needs a new page like I need a new piercing I know). But just so every one can see what I have in mind, I'm rolling out the first few in this new venture today. With out further adieu, your featured Indie authors this week:

Dragon Fire

Pedro L. Alvarez


In a land where kings and magic rule, a farmer’s son and a princess who dreams of becoming a knight are born under the same moon; together they take a stand and forever change the course of their world.

When Delcan is born, he is brought back from the brink of death by a wizard who proclaims him to be the prophecies come to life – the commoner who would unseat the tyrannical king, Orsak. At the age of nineteen, searching for a way to break free from the mundane life of farming, Delcan becomes a champion in the tournament that will make him a squire in the service of the King.

When Delcan discovers his father's secret past as a knight himself, his life as a squire suddenly becomes complicated. When he falls in love with Princess Aria, it turns deadly.
Dragon Fire is a coming-of-age tale set in a world where the young have no hope and the old no longer believe in magic.

Dragon Fire has everything you'd expect from a fantasy tale, with none of the clich├ęs.

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The Wizard Murders

Sean McDevitt



Description: The year is 1981. A small California town is rocked by a series of seemingly random -and increasingly violent- murders. An aging detective tries to capture the elusive killer- but with so few clues, can anyone stop the killing?



   Additional background and Bio provided by the author.

Sean McDevitt is a filmmaker, videographer, actor and -thanks to Amazon- published author.
His brand new full-length fictional crime novel, titled "THE WIZARD MURDERS", is now available for Amazon Kindle. It is a project that he has worked on -in one form or another- for nearly 30 years.
He is also the author of "The Velvet Sofa," which is based upon a never-before-published short story written by the author's late father, Dr. Steven J. McDevitt.
"The Wizard Murders" was actually first conceived in the early 80s, when Procter & Gamble was the unfortunate target of a completely unfounded rumor- that the company's "moon and stars" logo was somehow related to Satanism. (Actually, the rumormongers couldn't keep it straight; it was either Satanism, or the Unification Church.) McDevitt couldn't for a moment believe that an internationally recognized company would do something so completely insane- stamp all of its products with a "Satanic" symbol. Even if it were true, he thought, Who would do such a thing? A maniac, that's who! And thus, the idea of "The Wizard Murders," with its use of a bizarre symbol left at murderous crime scenes, was born.
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Playing Fields

Karen Stillwagon



   Caught with his hands in the cookie jar... well, almost. When a woman suspects the man in her life of infidelity, it’s Cassidy Fields he needs to be on the watch for. As a very specialized private investigator, she’ll study her subject then turn all her womanly wiles on him to see if he’ll stray. 98% of the time they do. But when Cassidy’s brother is murdered and the lead cop on the case is one of her unfaithful victims, will he block Cassidy from finding the truth? As secret after secret is unveiled, can Cassidy hide just who her brother was from her mother? Will the cop she once caught in the act turn her eye and catch her? Find out in Playing Fields.

   Bio provided by the author.

Karen was raised on the beautiful coast of Oregon. As far back as she can remember she was writing stories, and if she wasn't writing she was reading.

Karen has always been an artist, but took it a step further and went back to school at Southwestern Community College, in Coos Bay, Oregon. After receiving her AA, she moved to Monmouth and continued at Western Oregon University. In 2000 she received her Bachelor's Degree, majoring in Art with a minor in Literature.
Her love the writing grew during her college days until she finally decided it was time to share her stories. Amazon has opened a door to the wonderful world of writing and publishing and she can continue on with her journey.

Karen now lives in Roy, Washington with her husband and two daughters. She spends her days in her art studio writing.

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