Thursday, April 26, 2012

Inspiring the Younger Generation

                  Was An Inspiration To ME

I was honored, and a little nervous, when my daughter's school invited me to career day. As an Independent author I was a little scared that this group of teenagers wouldn't take me seriously as an author. I know it is the stigma we all carry as self-published writers. This article, however, is not on the expansion or personification of "the Noids." Instead, this is about how a group of twenty teenagers inspired me, as much as I hope, I inspired them.

From the moment they walked through the door and sat down all eyes were on me. From the second I opened my mouth and began to speak, their minds were open and absorbing everything I said with rapt attention. The nervousness I felt vanished, and it was replaced with the passion I have for what I do.

I am writing about this today instead of usual informative post to uplift and perhaps inspire some more. They didn't care that I was an Independent Author, or that I had self published my own book. They cared only that I was AN AUTHOR. That I had written, I had followed my dream and was living it. They had no concerns that my books were just in digital format, or that my first print proof was bad, really, really dreadful. They cared simply that I had done it.

I took away from that presentation more than most of those kids probably got out of it. They gave me something that in these last years I haven't been able to accept, pride in myself. Friends and family will tell you that they are proud of you, that what you are doing is wonderful. None the less, until I experienced what I did yesterday, I had never felt it for myself.

If any of those wonderful students is reading, thank you. To everyone else that has those moments of doubt, know this. You are doing what some people will only ever dream about. This article won't generate any SEO hits. It won't boost my blog visibility or help me sell my books. It is here for the few that follow me and the one or two that find this blog looking for help. It is to remind us all that, in somebody's eyes we are what that they hope to someday be. Authors.


Robert T. said...

Nice job, nice post.

Sangay Cholden said...

Well done and nice to read!!

GodWillGiveMeJustice said...

Excellent!!! Amen to that!!