Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kicking off May with Shiralyn J

       The first of the month has brought about my first blog tour stop for May. With multiple books under her belt and a plethora of five star ratings to boot. Shirlyn J Lee graces the front page of my blog with four erotic tales guaranteed to get your imagination going.

                  The Submissive Scullery Maid

20,500 word story
Sally McGuire is an Irish girl working as a scullery maid for Mr and Mrs Cox. The story is set during the Victorian era and with snippets of Jack the Ripper murders lurking in the background sets the scene for a story based in London's city.
Sally is soon introduced into a life of sexual play and BDSM with Mrs Cox, or Lidia as she likes to be known as, playing the part of Sally's mistress. Love, lies and murder are the focus of this storyline.



                                Vampire Changeling


Zaleska is the only daughter of Vlad the Impaler, (Prince of Darkness.) In the 17th Century she takes Anasytázia, a young woman living at the foot of a mountain in Romania. She is to be a sister Vampire to her taker and is soon joined by three other young women from the same village. They had been voyeurs secretly watching Anasytázia taking an arousing bath and witnessed a female creature attack her. They now roam the earth as a pack, as Vampires, selecting their victims tastefully. This story brings us to modern day England where Rebcca Forbes has just inherited her late Aunt's fortune. She is taken by Anasytázia and the story tells how she transforms from a young woman and into a Vampire herself.



                               Pink Seduction

This book entails two stories. The first, Pink Seduction, and the second, A Daring Action. Pink Seduction is the story about Alex York, she has the ability to attract any female she wishes and then discard her as soon as she has used her. Alex's loveable character will grow on you throughout this sexually explicit story and you will see how she changes as she falls in love with Tina, a girl who is hiding a dark secret from her.
The second story, A Daring Action, will have you questioning just how far you will go if you needed something so desperately, something that a total stranger could offer you and in return you abide by his/her request. This is something that money definately couldn't buy. In a world with well kept secrets and pure lust Jade finds herself at the mercy of such a situation. Will she ever be able to tell her girlfriend Philippa about her secret life as a sex toy to strangers willing to do anything that they requested all for the sake of getting pregnant?

                                 Erotic Spirits

Three short stories of lesbian erotica.
BRISTOL HOUSE...Anna and Christina buy an old unlived in property in Bristol City center. Their goal is to renovate and sell the house but after a few spiritual events Christina decides that she can no longer stay in the house. This leaves Anna's fate in the hands of strangers.
SECRET DESIRE...Bree has had a crush on her neighbour for some time. She has been away at college and on her return she is seduced by the woman of her dreams. Can Bree handle her unusual circumstances?
THE PASSENGER...Suzie is a waitress at The Riverside Inn. Her shifts often finish around midnight and her journey home through the country lanes has always unnerved her. One night she unwittingly picks up a mysterious stranger. Who is she and what does she want?

Author Bio.

I left England in 2006 and started a new life in Canada with my now wife Janice. We share everything and she has a lot of influence on my story developments. I began to write because I became so frustrated by how my favourite programes and films ended that Janice challenged me to write my own stories, so I did. I now have two novels and eight short stories under my belt. I am proud of what I write and when I am asked why do I write about sex I usually answer...'why not!!' I am currently working on a short prequel introduction for Lidia, in The Submissive Scullery Maid and also have started a project about a female football team. I have so many stories to tell and my mind is constantly racing with new ideas. My goal is to please all of the hungry lesbians out there as I know it is really hard to come across certain types of books. I hope that I can please enough ladies and maybe a few gents that they will keep coming back for more.

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