Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Self Publisher and Google Play

I told every one a while back that as soon as I got my title Crimson Fury on Google Play I would give you a break down of my experience. The wait is over, and I must say I am pleasantly surprised. Here is the rundown.


Sign Up

The first thing you must do before you can get your eBook included in Google Play's self published Library is to sign up for the Google books Partner Program. It is a simple set up that takes you through the basics of your book and payment information. once you have done this you should see some thing like this on your screen.

Set Up

When you get to this screen you'll want to click on the Google eBooks tab. Here you will fill out your pricing and territory options. Once you have finished you need to return to the preview program screen and click the add books button. Fill out all the information you can there. If you don't have an ISBN for you book don't panic. Google will assign one for your book just like Amazon and Smashwords.



Uploading your eBook

When you have finished filling out the information go to the upload/ship books link. Google says it only accepts PDF but it will take e pub files. I recommend using a PDF file though, uploading an e pub could take as long as three weeks for your book to go live. I used the PDF option, and mine went live in four days. Slightly behind Barns and Noble but no where near as long as waiting for smashwords premium catalog!  For a novel you should use the Google up loader. It is quick and as easy as searching for the file on your computer.Google will also take a print format that you may send to them for dismantlement and manual scan. 

You're Finished!

Unfortunately Google currently does not have an instant preview of your converted book. You must wait until the processing is complete before you can get the first glimpse of what it looks like. If you have formatted your manuscript well and used it to upload on other sites you shouldn't have a problem. Once your book is live you can see your book in the Google Play store by clicking the view link next to the title in your preview program dashboard. I have noticed that Google will discount your book. I have done some research about this and the royalties you are paid are supposed to be based on your list price. I do wonder however if this will affect Amazon's lower price policy.  If it does I think some price tinkering maybe in order. 

Crimson Fury has been live on Google for a mere forty eight hours. As of yet I have not encountered any problems. Once you figure out Google's round about way of doing things, it's really easy to navigate. In all honesty I am hoping that Google gets with the eBook revolution and makes self publishing on Google Play a bit easier. In Self Publishing, every new channel is a new way to make our selves and our work known. I have chosen to leave no option unexplored. The Google Gods have proven that they look upon me in favor, most of the time. So I will once again bow before them and offer my sacrifice in hopes that they will heed my call.

Til next time, may your muse be with you always and your writing the light that guides you.



Anonymous said...

"Google says it only excepts PDF" - I think that should be accepts.

Dawn Smith said...

Yes you are very right, I guess I should have been more careful proof reading!

Larissa Lyons said...

Dawn, Thanks a bunch for the info. I'm curious, have you noticed any problems with the discounting price structure and Amazon?

Thanks again for posting this. My "business manager" (Mr. Lyons :)) is wanting to upload to Google Play and your post was the best info he found.

Dawn Smith said...

Larissa,Amazon has discounted my book to match Google's discount. After a few months of no sales on Google, I have decided that the venue is not worth the effort at this point. Maybe in the future, when Google eBooks has has a bit of time to mature, the discount problem would be worth it. As of now, I would rather have my book at full price on Amazon where they sell, than discounted on Google where they are bringing in nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anon - you should lighten up - it was a typo, sheesh! She just provided all of this info and you have to point out that? No need to be negative.

Thanks for this info Dawn!

Dawn Smith said...

Anon, You are most certainly welcome : ) Anything I can do to help out!

Anonymous said...

I noticed that you don't have any overview (description). Did you want to leave it blank or was there a problem in getting it done?
By the way you're not the only one where books are not selling on Google Play.

Dawn Smith said...

I'm not sure why the over view wasn't showing up when I took that screen shot. I had never had any problems with it before.

I've herd Google Play is picking up, but I've yet to be convinced. For now I've pulled everything from Play and gone back to my golden goose.Hope still remains that someday soon I can just go back and hit publish and have another gold mine waiting.

Cozy in Texas said...

Thanks for posting this. Dog Ear Publishing converted my book to an e-book and posted it on Google Play without my knowledge and so I asked them to remove it.
For now I'll stick with Amazon and Smashwords.

Wodke Hawkinson said...

Thanks for this article! We put one of our novels up on Google on Feb 9. It's now the 26th and still the book is "processing". I hope it will go live soon!