Thursday, April 12, 2012

WOW, Shame On You Apple

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   I really didn't think that a company as big as Apple would need to engage in price fixing. Although I do believe that the publishing companies entering such agreements are more to blame here. It all stems from the fact that Amazon has always had the lowest price on books. Even before e readers I would buy my books from Amazon. Sure I may have had to pay a little extra for shipping, but it still didn't compare to the prices I would pay in the book store.

   Publishers were getting tired of Amazon selling their books at a discounted price. Along comes the Apple I pad. Apple, signs contracts with said fed up publishers driving up the price of eBooks over night. Bad for consumers of big six books, but in my eyes, good for self publishers. Why you ask, because as long as big six books were out of consumers price range, Indies stood a chance.

   I know what it sounds like, but consider for a minute what would you, as a consumer buy. If your favorite author just released a new book but it was at a price that just didn't seem reasonable, would you buy it? Say that while you are looking up said book on the same page there is another book that looks really interesting at a fraction of the price. Would you buy it? While I am a self publisher I am also a consumer of eBooks. I have passed up many a book because I couldn't see my self paying such a price. Instead I have turned to others to get my dose of fantasy.

   Will the Apple lawsuit and subsequent price reductions evolve as I fear? I can not say for sure. Am I worried, maybe just a little. In truth I hope that Indie books will benefit from the coming changes. I hope that my assumption is so far of the mark I'm eating my words in six months. I had also hoped that I would have sold a hundred copies of Crimson Fury by now too. Only time will tell what the future holds, until then,
May your muse be at your side and your writing the light that guides you.

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