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SEO Meant for Indie Authors Served Simple



How To Improve Website Ranking


         From Thousands to a Few: SEO and You!


 Online SEO gremlins, otherwise known as web crawlers, are hungry and want to devour your creative genius. Did that get your attention? Good, now, the real question is, “How does a potential reader find your ebook?”

 For those of us Indie authors that can’t afford special marketing packages, expert web content providers, or wizards of the webpage design realm, it’s all about what you know and what you can teach yourself. SEO meant for Indie Authors, when well executed, is among the most powerful tools any author seeking to be the Rambo of the ebook revolution has at their disposal.

Plenty of Indie authors turn to blogging for marketing purposes once they’ve got their work as polished as it’s going to be; the book cover squared away, and the product is online ready to be consumed. Heres a breakdown of Indie Author SEO.

           Every Post is a Min-Ebook

Daily Lit Project


Did you know that search engine companies are improving the artificial intelligence of their services all the time? Increasingly web crawlers prefer personalized, pertinent, and interesting content over commercialized nonsense. I’m referring to the old school outbound marketing content that was haphazardly designed to play footsy with the law of averages. Spam isn’t going to cut it anymore, trust me. What an author needs to do is hone in on a specific concept, genre, or community and become something useful to those human beings.
For example if an Indie Author SEO enthusiast decides they want to maintain a blog dealing with their particular niche, say Paranormal Romance, then every single post on that blog should be approached like an ebook.

  • Shoot for 600-900 words per post
  • Completely and utterly unique!
  • It’s easy to edit less than 1000 words…don’t slack off 

Using Keywords To Increase Ranking

             Keywords and Creative Writing

No one likes the feeling of being sold, preached at, or overtly treated like a mindless zombie consumer stumbling into products by accident (This is where a large percentage of sales come from though). As authors it’s our job to select keywords that fit the niche of our blog and then insert them into our posts in such a way that the reader has absolutely no idea that it’s even happening. Those keywords are not for the reader really, they’re for the web crawler’s digital minds scouring the net for problem solving paragraphs.
Every single working day, five days a week, the author needs to try their best to write at least one solid post that not only follows the bulleted tips above and the ones below, but also has two key word sets in it. Consider the system an infinitely useful and productive Indie Author SEO habit.
“New Paranormal Romance ebooks” or “Popular Paranormal Romance ebooks” are a couple examples. The sky’s the limit, but each post should hide them; conceal them in a fluid, interesting, and polished post. SEO meant for Indie Authors doesn’t have to be a head-ache, it’s actually be quite fun.

  • Make sure titles are creative and informal
  • Don’t go beyond 1.5% with keyword densities
  • Talk personably, with conversational speech. Unless you want to sound formal, but I wouldn’t suggest it. 

Inbound Marketing Made Easy

 Indie Author SEO and Inbound Marketing Strategies

The point of using keywords for marketing an author is to bring readers to the blog, engage them with great content, and then build a following. With each new day blogs are becoming more visual. One of the most enthralling things about blogging for me is finding pictures online that link to other blogs and including them in my posts.
Realize that this, all of this, while some of it may seem old, rustic, and stagnating, social networking and the way information is shared through the internet, IS IN ITS INFANCY. However, certain trends aren’t going away.

  • Make the articles easily scannable with creative and catchy subheadings.
  • Integrate pictures (Site the pic, especially when from another blogger’s post) and hyperlinks around them.
  • Use Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Digg, Twitter etc. to spread each and every single post after you’re done.

Hope This Helps!

SEO meant for Indie Authors is a snap, and becomes like a pleasant summers day chore after a while. One that reaps bushels of good stuff. Figure out what the niche of your blog is, include some unobtrusive links to your ebooks (Ideally under a separate window from the default screen), and make sure to use keywords in every single solitary post so help you God! 

Damien Darby is an eBook author, fitness trainer and a web content writer.  He loves making use of his time by helping others and is always available to be of service.


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