Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hiring Content Writers, Should You?

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   Most of my blogging comes from the heart and is specifically tailored to the small following I've earned. It's personal and friendly and as informative as I can make it. It is also a lot of hard work the further I get into my own self publishing adventure. With multiple blog pages to tend to, and books to write, edit, and design some days I can hardly find time to post.

   Many of you may have noticed that my post at the beginning of this week was not by me. I was stuck, at a loss for words, and quite frankly fed up. So I gave my friend Damien a ring. Content writing is what he does for a living along with being an eBook author. I love his hubs and contributing articles to other blogs, so I plead for help. As usual, he came to my rescue.

   Now,lets get into the basics of hiring a content writer, as I  so recently learned. You have to have what you want to be posted in mind. Subject matter, word count, and SEO effectiveness should all be considered before contacting a web content provider. Cost should also be taken into account as well. You can hire them at affordable rates for every post you make on your blog, or the occasional "I don't know what to write" post.

   There are several places you can go to find your self a content writer depending on your needs. If you are looking for a more long term contract you might want to try places like Odesk, or textbroker. If you're looking for the occasional post, freelance might be the better option.

   The average cost of a web content article is approximately two cents a word. For a five hundred word article, it would be about ten dollars. While some may balk at paying some one to do your post, you know you are getting quality that generates splendid amounts of views, engages your audience, and sales. Content writers know more about SEO and bringing traffic to your site than the average Joe.

   I never thought I would hire some one to put content on my blog. Now that I have I'm glad I did.  He helped pull me out of a slump and has gotten my little blog a weeks worth of attention over the last couple of  days. Views from sources that have never bothered to look this way before. It may be back to just little old me for now, but who knows. A self publisher's work is never done, and at times more demanding than you are ready for.Web Content writing may be just what you need to help you through a slump or back you out of a deadline nightmare.

   Damien is always up for hire and does everything from content writing to formatting eBooks, and all of it at  reasonable prices. He is available in a long term contract or a case by case basis.

  Until next time may your muse be always at your side and your writing the light that guides you.

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